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Hazel Polon
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Hazel qualified originally as a High School English teacher, and has taught at Secondary schools in South Africa, the UK, and Australia. Following her extensive teaching experience with adolescents facing challenges in their home, school, and social life, she developed an interest in learning how to work with and assist them and their families. 

Hazel then obtained a Social Work degree at Sydney University with First Class Honours and underwent specialist post-graduate training in both Family and Couple Therapy.

She has since had extensive experience working with Couples and Families in both Community Health and hospital settings in Sydney and in regional Australia. 

Hazel also worked for many years at Relationships Australia both as a therapist and supervisor, and as a trainer on their Family and Couple therapy training programmes, later providing supervision and consultation to Mental Health Services in regional Australia. 

Hazel sees the relationship challenges that arise in couple systems as an opportunity for personal development and growth and to gain a better understanding both of oneself as well as one’s partner. 

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