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The EastCoast Psychology & Psychiatry practice is a fully integrated and private mental health service comprising both psychologists and psychiatrists working together to optimise mental health outcomes. 

N.B The clinic does not offer any report writing services - this includes medico-legal or forensic reports for matters currently being heard in court.

Should you require such a report, you must disclose this to reception.

EastCoast Psychology & Psychiatry



The impacts of social distancing and fears of contracting COVID-19 can seriously affect our mental health.
People who live alone, or in cramped conditions with many others, or have pre-existing mental health problems
are particularly at risk of mental health issues. And social distancing, in some form or another,
is expected to continue for several more weeks before we get on top of the problem.


Common mental health symptoms associated with physical distancing from friends and family can include:

  • Feelings of tension

  • Worry and dread

  • Irritability and anger

  • Feelings of isolation or loneliness

  • Restlessness

  • Poor concentration

  • Sleep problems

  • Chronic boredom

  • Low mood and pessimism

The Federal Government has sought to address these emerging issues by expanding the range of services
offered by mental health professionals. This means that all Australians who are eligible to receive services under Medicare
will now be able to access psychological and psychiatric services delivered via telehealth (i.e. videoconference or phone).
The EastCoast Clinic will still offer face-to-face psychology services if this is your preference and you are not in one of the designated risk groups – that is, over 70 years of age, have a medical condition which makes you vulnerable to the impacts

of COVID-19, or are pregnant.



In order to access these telehealth services you will need to obtain a Mental Health Care Plan
and a valid referral from your general practitioner. Once you obtain these, please ring the
Clinic on (02) 9389 5630 for an appointment with one of our expert clinicians.

Professional Care

This multi-disciplinary and dedicated clinical team comprises both psychologists and psychiatrists to provide a comprehensive treatment to patients.

Convenient Location

Our clinic is located in Bondi Junction, Sydney, close to public transport. There is also parking available in the shopping centres nearby.  

Additional Help

Dr Vijaya Manicavasagar co-wrote 'Overcoming Panic' with Dr Derrick Silove and 'Managing Depressive Disorders' with Professor Gordon Parker

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